Yard Tour: Northeast Building Supply, Bridgeport, CT


On Monday, September 12th Congressman Jim Himes (D-CT 4th District) visited ABMA member Northeast Building Supply (NEBS) at their Bridgeport location. Jason Cohen, President and CEO of NEBS, gave Congressman Himes a tour of the facility and discussed some issues pressing the lumber and building materials (LBM) industry today.

Ask Federal Legislators to Cosponsor the LICENSE Act


ABMA has been working hard this year to get the Licensing Individual Commercial Exam-Takers Now Safely and Efficiently (LICENSE) Act (HR6567/S3556) passed through Congress. This bill would make permanent two waivers issued by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. It only takes two minutes to send a message […]

Help ABMA Stop the Inflation Reduction Act!


The Inflation Reduction Act, which passed the Senate and will be voted on by the House before or on Friday, will not help stop inflation. As our Lobbyist Pat Rita discussed last week, there are many aspects of the bill that will impact our members and their clients.

Help Spread the Word About ABMA!


The American Building Materials Alliance (ABMA) is almost a year old! While we have made significant progress, met with dozens of members of Congress and government agencies, and undergone notable wins during our inaugural year, we have not been able to meet with all 535 members of Congress. Help us let them know who we are! Please take two minutes to send your federal representatives a message.

ABMA District Office Visits


ABMA concluded its inaugural Advocacy Week on April 8th after five days of over 40 meetings with legislator offices and 100 ABMA member participants. One of ABMA’s goals is to carry its message beyond Advocacy Week by having its members emphasize the priority issues in-person at their District Offices. District Office visits will provide a new way of augmenting Advocacy Week follow up by bringing you face-to-face with your Congressional legislators.

ABMA Yard Tours


Yard tours provide ABMA members an excellent opportunity to build and grow existing relationships with policymakers. They are a critical tool that take on added importance to augment our virtual meetings that were held across the NRLA and CSA regions during the legislative session.

ABMA Meeting with ETA Registration


The American Building Materials Alliance (ABMA) has made workforce development (WFD) a priority issue. In addition to advocating for new legislation and federal fiscal resources to attack the problem, we have been working with federal agencies to discover current, untapped opportunities for lumber and building materials (LBM) businesses to explore and access.

Take Action Now: Support ABMA Priorities!


April 4-8 is American Building Materials Alliance (ABMA) Advocacy Week. The ABMA, a NRLA and CSA partnership, represents lumber and building material (LBM) retailers, manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, and other associated businesses.

ABMA Virtual Advocacy Week


ABMA will be hosting its first official ABMA Virtual Advocacy Week the week of April 4-8, 2022. The event is free for the entire ABMA, CSA, and NRLA membership.

Take Action Now: Oppose BBB Tax Increases


The House-passed Build Back Better (BBB) legislation contains damaging increased tax rates on S-Corporations and other pass-through tax structures that are popular among retail lumber and building material (LBM) dealers.

Take Action Now: Support Workforce Development/CTE


As the budget reconciliation negotiations continue and legislators look for ways to make the overall package more affordable, we need to ask the Members of Congress to protect critical workforce and CTE funding.

Take Action Now: Oppose Federal Tax Hikes


As Congress continues its deliberations on both the infrastructure and budget reconciliation packages, please tell your legislator to not raise revenue to pay for the packages on the backs of America’s small businesses.

Take Action Now: Introducing the ABMA

The White House

September 1 is the official launch date of the American Building Materials Alliance (ABMA). Please take a moment to access this easy-to-use action alert to contact your federal legislators and help us introduce the ABMA to Congress.