Washington Remains Quiet During Summer Break

Activity in Washington remains slow this week as Members of Congress are back in their states and districts. ABMA continues to advocate on our priorities with staff that remain in town. These include the tax package that was reported from the House Ways & Means Committee earlier this summer.

There continues to be a stand off between House leadership and Members of Congress from high state and local tax (SALT) rate states. These Members are demanding that the package include relief from the SALT deduction cap that was imposed as part of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Nevertheless we continue to visit with offices to urge expeditious action on this package.

The supply chain package also awaits action when House Members return in mid September. This package includes a number of ABMA priorities that were highlighted by our members during our fly in earlier this year—namely the LICENSE Act and language allowing more efficient truck travel on our nation’s interstate highway system. We remain hopeful that the House will act on this package by the end of September.