ABMA District Office Visits

ABMA concluded its inaugural Advocacy Week on April 8th after five days of over 40 meetings with legislator offices and 100 ABMA member participants. One of ABMA’s goals is to carry its message beyond Advocacy Week by having its members emphasize the priority issues in-person at their District Offices. District Office visits will provide a new way of augmenting Advocacy Week follow up by bringing you face-to-face with your Congressional legislators.

District Office visits will provide you with the opportunity to meet with members of Congress and discuss ABMA’s three priority issues. Not only will you establish a relationship between them and your business by sharing your story, you will also help to enhance their understanding of the lumber and building materials (LBM) industry at large.

The three ABMA priority issues are The Employer-Directed Skills Act (HR6255), The LICENSE Act (HR6567/S3556), and The Informed Lawmaking to Combat Inflation Act (HR6629). Descriptions of these bills can be found on the ABMA website or by contacting ABMA Legislative & Regulatory Affairs Coordinator Julianna Rauf at jrauf@abmalliance.org.

ABMA staff will reach out to you and your local legislators and organize appointments. The visits will be what you make of them but shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes. If you are interested in visiting your District Office, please fill out the below form by Friday, June 3.