ABMA Strategizes Summer Advocacy Plan

The American Building Materials Alliance (ABMA) Legislative Committee met on Thursday, June 23rd to strategize on the advancement of the priority bills and increase our industry’s visibility in the legislature during the summer.

Legislative Update

Since Advocacy Week in April, ABMA has gained more co-sponsors for the LICENSE Act (HR.6567/S.3556). The count has grown to nine bipartisan sponsors. Our lobbyist, Pat Rita, continues to meet with legislators and Hill staffers on the Employer Directed Skills Act (HR6255) with good feedback and support for the bill among staffers and legislators.

The big initiative for the Congressional Democrats right now is an amended version of the Build Back Better (BBB) Act. Word is they will consider the bill under reconciliation, which means they can pass it without any Republican votes.

Summer Strategy

The ABMA is continuing to work with legislative offices to get more co-sponsors on our legislative priorities. Pat will continue to meet with legislators and staff on the Hill, but ABMA will also be sending letters and using its grassroots advocacy approach:

  • July: Follow-up with the members we met with during Advocacy Week who expressed interest in co-sponsoring our three priority bills;
  • August: Launch a Grassroots initiative to educate the members of Congress we did not meet with about the ABMA and our priorities as ABMA approaches its one-year anniversary; this letter will also urge them to co-sponsor our legislation or set up a meeting with us to learn more; and
  • September: Further follow-up about Advocacy Week if needed through a grassroots initiative.

July also brings yard tours, where legislators visit yards to learn more about the industry and any issues your businesses are experiencing. This is not a discussion of legislative priorities, but an opportunity for ABMA members to connect with their legislators and educate them on what it means to be running a lumber yard in your state. If you are interested in hosting a yard tour, email ABMA Legislative & Regulatory Affairs Coordinator Julianna Rauf at jrauf@abmalliance.org.