ABMA Committee: Debt Ceiling, Priorities, and Summer Meetings

Today, the ABMA Committee met to get a legislative update from Pat Rita, our Government Affairs Representative, and discuss ongoing legislative and other advocacy efforts.

Pat gave the committee an update on the debt ceiling negotiations. Janet Yellen claims they need to reach an agreement by June 1st. That might be a little conservative, but everyone is worried about the June 2 social security payments that are due to be sent out. Congress is leaving town today for their Memorial Day break, but are on a 24-hour notice for votes on this issue.

House Republicans announced yesterday that they plan to roll out a tax package sometime in June. We have been told it will include our priority the ALIGN Act, which would make permanent the 100% bonus depreciation that began to phase out in January of this year. It will also likely include an extension of Section 199, the pass through tax deduction for small businesses, and reforms to the estate tax so families are not hit with the tax when businesses are passed down to family members.

Most of our priorities have been introduced, and we have active campaigns to try to get new cosponsors. Visit our website to contact your federal representatives and senators about our priorities. Every new cosponsor increases the likelihood a bill will be brought up for a vote or included in a policy package.

Congress is on recess for all of August through Labor Day, which is a perfect opportunity to meet with legislators in your home state about our priorities or host them at your yard for a Yard Tour. If you are interested in meeting with your representative/senators or hosting a yard tour, reach out to Nicolina our Government Affairs Coordinator and she will help set-up the meeting or tour.

The committee continued to discuss the CDL training and crane certification letters. Staff is currently gathering feedback from members on the current crane certification so that information can be utilized when offering a potential solution to the current all encompassing crane certification. Please take two minutes and share your thoughts.

Staff have identified potential dates for Advocacy Day 2024 and are actively working on securing a hotel. Once we have that settled, we will announce the dates. Be on the lookout in your email, ABMA social media, and the weekly Advocate. In the meantime, check out all the photos from the inaugural 2023 event.